Winning Throws of the Bowling Balls

The first winning throw is called the stroker. This throw involves run while holding the ball in a position that is ideal for a swift release. The sliding foot stops before you release the ball. You are supposed to hold the ball with the fingers up to the first knuckle and you can either let the ball hang while you also hold with the thumb or you could bring the ball to the upper side of the palm and hold the top with the other hand. The shoulders should be square and you neck inclined as if you are inspecting the rail from your end to the pins. You should release the ball a distance away from the rail in a way that the ball looks like it is joining the rail from another rail. Always make sure that the release lets the ball slide and it is not a fumble or an abrupt drop. An abrupt drop makes the ball bounce hence losing its strength and therefore it does not get to the pins. This throw is ideal since it cannot break the fingers and it allows for a spin on the ball. However, you should always ensure that you inspect the course that you expect the ball to follow and throw the ball just as intended.

The cranker is a more vigorous move that involves more muscle action and the bowling balls are thrown from an angle. This method of throwing uses the late timing technique where you run up to the start of the foul line from the left side of the rail that enables you to stop on the left side. Within a second, you hold the arm back then bend and open the shoulders. This enables you to have full leverage and with the arm back, the release pushes the ball further and since you release it from the left, it rolls all the way to the pins. This throw involves both the arm and the leg muscles and since it is vigorous, it needs caution while stopping at the foul line while you were running at high speed and it also needs caution while releasing the ball since the elbow join is vulnerable to a twist if the fingers stick in the ball.


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