Types of Rock Climbing Shoes

Conventional rock climbing shoes are suitable for long climbs. They are lighter than the other types. They are also comfortable for using in long hours in this activity. Some of these foot wear are all-round wear with no specific feature while others are designed to be used specifically on certain locations.

The all-round are more comfortable as they can be used in a wide range of locations. They come with a stiff sole that makes them wade through cracks in the rock with much ease as compared to others. Some models in this category hooks or loop straps instead of the usual laces. One major advantage that these type of shoes carry with them is that they are long lasting since they are made of synthetic material and will normally remain intact even after long periods of use.

Another type is the traditional rock climbing shoes which is almost similar to the all-round wear. However, compared to the former, they have stiff and symmetrical soles. They are therefore made more comfortable by these features and as such can be worn all day long. When choosing a pair of foot wear, it is okay to choose from your gym collection as these too are suitable for the activity


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