Triathlon Weight Training

When done right and the focus is there, your weight training or resistance training actually doesn’t need to take up that much time. Shorter and more intense is better for good, balanced muscular development anyway. If you do your triathlon strength training right, you won’t have to worry about either burn out or bulk. And, you’ll enjoy the very important benefits that this training aspect brings you.

  1. What’s important for the triathlete to focus on is “core strength” training. This allows one part of your body to transfer energy to other parts of the body. Core strength training regimens will improve your swimming power, your uphill climb and sprint cycling speed, and your resistance to injury while running all at once. Core strength training focuses on: the superficial and deep abdominals; the lower back (the lumbar region); and the middle and upper (thoracic and cervical) regions of the spine.
  2. When doing your strength training, listen to your body. On your lighter workout days, push yourself harder with the strength training; on days when you have hard endurance training lined up or you feel tired, go easier.
  3. Have a high-protein diet and try to consume a lot of protein within a half hour after your strength training. On days when you know that you’ll be doing your harder strength training, eat soft foods before your workout, such as apple sauce. Consider taking creatine supplements (these are all-natural and won’t harm you).
  4. You might not want to do actual weight training at all. You might want to make developing your muscular strength entirely a resistance training regimen. This utilizes no weights except your own body weight. This is an advanced martial arts training “secret”. Using weights can possibly lead to injury because weight training isolates muscles so entirely. Also, due to the muscle isolation, it might not do as well for the “holistic” development that core strength training is all about. Consult your fitness coach and do your own research to make up your mind.
  5. Involve an exercise wheel in your triathlon strength training regimen. This is a very inexpensive and deceptively easy to use workout device that will definitely help you develop your core strength. You can also take it just about anywhere (Note: you’ll also need a floor mat). Be forewarned: although it’s a wondrous tool, it’s use is very repetitive and can be dull. You may want to listen to some inspirational music while you use it.


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