Types of Rock Climbing Shoes

Conventional rock climbing shoes are suitable for long climbs. They are lighter than the other types. They are also comfortable for using in long hours in this activity. Some of these foot wear are all-round wear with no specific feature while others are designed to be used specifically on certain locations.

The all-round are more comfortable as they can be used in a wide range of locations. They come with a stiff sole that makes them wade through cracks in the rock with much ease as compared to others. Some models in this category hooks or loop straps instead of the usual laces. One major advantage that these type of shoes carry with them is that they are long lasting since they are made of synthetic material and will normally remain intact even after long periods of use.

Another type is the traditional rock climbing shoes which is almost similar to the all-round wear. However, compared to the former, they have stiff and symmetrical soles. They are therefore made more comfortable by these features and as such can be worn all day long. When choosing a pair of foot wear, it is okay to choose from your gym collection as these too are suitable for the activity

Comfortable Walking Shoes

For all these people and all these varying needs we must find the right and a comfortable walking shoe. There are many good footwear options to choose from when buying new shoes. I will just mention a few of the basics. One fact to realize now is that no longer are running shoes more resilient then the walking shoe and walking shoes vary in design from a casual look like a running shoe, to a look that one could wear socially with their casual clothes. Comfortable walking shoes have become a favorite casual shoe.

Be sure, when buying these shoes that you are aware of the width of your shoe and buy a size appropriate to that. As well, if you have a low to average arch you want a shoe that if you look at it from the side you could see it slightly curves upward in the front. Consider moderate cushioning, flexibility and something lightweight. There are some good shoes advertising a larger mesh fabric. Peoples opinion appear to be divided on this. They find them great for breathability but dirt and water get in a little easier. Read the details associated with the shoes you are interested in and try to accommodate all the major factors of comfort, flexibility, support, weight and width that are appropriate for you. Follow these mentioned details as a guide and you should have no problem buying the perfect comfortable walking shoe.

Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

  1. Buy quality shoes. The fist thing you must watch for is the quality of your footwear. Try to only buy shoes made of natural materials, because they allow you feet to breathe and the sweat dissipates much easier. Synthetics are toxic for your feet, because they prevent ventilation. You go for an hour jogging wearing them and the next thing you know, everything around starts rotting. It is nice to see good looking shoes at low prices and you may think you’re getting a good deal. Trust me, you’re not! They will break sooner that you can imagine, and the cost and effort to keep them in good condition and smelling great will far exceed the amount you saved by going for cheaper shoes. So I recommend you invest a little more when shopping for shoes because the benefits are far greater.
  2. Maintain hygiene. Nothing new here, but a lot of people seem to overlook this detail. When you’re showering, don’t forget to wash your feet too. It sounds dumb, I know, but when showering, most tend to forget about the feet. Since all water and soap goes to the feet, why bother washing them? But that’s not enough. We’re talking about the most awful smelling part of our bodies. Do you think only water and soap will do the trick? I don’t think so. There are many types of abrasive stones and sponges you can find in the stores specifically for this. Use them. They work wonders. They remove the dead lair of skin on your feet, the one that causes most of the bad smell. Also, alternate cold and hot water on your feet. It better cleans the pores in your skin and well, the sweat smells a little better. If your feet smell so bad, you should also alternate soap brands. Soaps have different composition and they act on different chemicals. If you use two soap brands, you’re more likely to neutralize more of the bacteria that produce bad odor.
  3. Change your socks often. Again, very obvious, but still, most forget about it. Use a clean pair of socks every day. Changing them twice or even three times a day is ideal, but once is the minimum allowed. If you use the same socks as yesterday, your shoes and feet may have something to say about it. And you don’t want to hear it! If you do jogging or other sport, wash your feet before putting another pair of socks on. Oh, and make sure you wear socks made of cotton or even wool, because synthetics make you feet rot.
  4. Rotate you shoes. You should have more than one pair of shoes. One day you can use one pair, the next day another pair. This way, they have enough time to take some air and for the sweat to evaporate.
  5. Leave your shoes to breathe. It’s a good practice when you get home to put your shoes somewhere out in the open (not if it rains, of course). The wind will brow some fresh air and the sweat will evaporate. And for some reason, when you put on a pair of shoes that’s been ventilated, you feel so comfortable. It’s like you have new shoes. You should do this especially if you’re involved in some kind of sport.
  6. Clean your shoes once in a while. I don’t know why, but when you keep them clean on the outside, they tend to stay fresh on the inside for longer. Maybe because you sense that something isn’t all right on the inside and you need to do something about it. But don’t rely solely on this. You won’t get the results you crave for.
  7. If they’re wet, leave somewhere to dry. If it rains, make sure you put the shoes to dry before putting them in the shoe box or wearing them again. When there is water inside the shoes, they start to rot in less than a day and it smells awful, especially if they are already a little smelly.

Buying Rock Climbing Shoes

Pay for Quality

If you are starting out with the sport remember that now is not the time to experiment or skimp on quality to save some money. A sturdy pair of rock climbing shoes from a reputable brand will serve you well and can be useful for years to come. Instead of hazarding guesses about what make to invest in, we advise you to head to a well known mountain gear shop and ask the assistance of an expert. Some mountain climbing equipment stores even allow you to test the shoes for comfort and support.

Comfort Fit

Rock climbing shoes are going to undergo a number of changes as you continue to use them. One of the most common of these is that these shoes stretch in width as you use them to accommodate the strain of the climb. When you are climbing you need a shoe that can adapt to the situation and can accommodate the needs of the terrain. Only buy a shoe once you are sure of the fit and the comfort, as well as the strength of the shoe.

Discounted Models

As new and new styles come in, the older lines go on heavy discounts. Buying a new pair of climbing shoes that belong to last season’s model line is an excellent idea as it can help you to save tons of money on the new line. The older models will be strong and suitable for climbing; the only lacking will lie in the fact that they might not have some of the features of the fancy new styles.

Wear Shoes Only While Climbing

Rock climbing shoes should not be used for daily wear. Not only will the soles of the shoes become unclean, the shoes will also start to wear and tear. Gravel can get stuck between the grooves and put you at a disadvantage while climbing.

Affordable Running Shoes

If you come to think of it, running shoes could be regarded as a very ordinary footwear. However, because famous brands continue to develop running shoes into not only stylish footwear but also relatively functional, people’s demands and requirements for it continues to grow nonetheless.

You are probably aware of the many different brands out there when it comes to running shoes. These brands have been with the shoe industry for so many years now and other than simply paying for the pair of shoes you buy from these famous brands, you are also paying for the brand itself.

The marketing strategy behind famous brands is simple. They other start small and get out big or they start big and leave a big impact on their consumers. Sadly though, not everyone could afford these branded and relatively expensive pairs of rubber shoes. So if you cannot afford it, does that mean you are no longer entitled to having at least a good pair? Of course not.

What you can do is wait for shoe stores to hold their special sale. You would be surprised to see that even the latest styles are discounted whenever there is a sale and the discount and really huge. What used to be a very expensive pair becomes a very affordable one that you can even have enough money to buy two pairs.