Sport Climbing

The first is dynamic rope, it is a special type of rope that is set to be stretchable. This rope is far different from a static rope which has no give. The dynamic rope is much better at handling extreme stresses and it will minimize the likelihood of failure.

Quickdraw is other unique piece of equipment used for this sport. This is applied by climbers to attach their climbing rope to the bolt anchors and other protection when climbing. A quickdraw has two carabiners connected by a loop of webbing. Generally, the webbing is under a foot in length.

Some climbers make their own quickdraws but there are also pre-made ones. They come in various sizes and styles to fit different climbing harnesses and ropes.

A belay device is also often applied in this sport as a mechanical break to control the belay rope. It depends on the specific needs of the climber to what belay they will get.

The climbing harness is used in this sport with belay to anchor the climber in. Above all, it’s a belt which has two loops beside the legs that you can attach quickdraws and belays to anchor yourself to the cliff face. Besides the fundamental sit string harness there are also chest harness and a full body harness.

Lastly, please check these gears before you practice sport climbing; helmet, climbing shoes, chalk bag, runners and sling to hold gear. Sometimes, sling is also used to anchor to rocks while chalk is applied to keep the hands dry for climbing.