Scuba Diving Accessories

The Essentials for Scuba Diving

Long before you make your way to the deep waters of an ocean, or even the training pool, there are certain pieces of equipment you need for a safe diving experience. The following are among those items to get during certification or after.

  • Mask – A mask that fits your face perfectly is essential. Renting equipment is fine but you want a mask made for your face to prevent water from leaking into the mask.
  • Fins – Having a set of fins that fit your feet perfectly provides more confidence when moving through the water. There is no risk of the fins being uncomfortable when they are purchased specifically for the diver. These are things fin renters cannot guarantee.
  • Wetsuit – Scuba diving is a cold experience thanks to the temperature of the water. To help avoid freezing a fitted wetsuit is an important purchase for all divers.
  • Regulators & Tanks – These two items are vital to a safe dive. Fortunately, it is possible to rent both of these items instead of purchasing them. If you would prefer to own your own, they would definitely be worth the purchase.

Personal Scuba Diving Accessory Options

Following the purchase of the essential diving equipment, many divers choose to expand their collection with other accessories. Here are a few of those items.

  • Headlamp – A headlamp is a great way to put light on the situation and keep your hands free when under the water. Ensure you get one that is water or weather proof, and will withstand depths 33 feet from the surface.
  • LED Light – A certified LED light that can withstand great depths is ideal to help you see and explore when on a dive.
  • Compass – This is a great accessory that will prevent you and your dive buddy from getting lost. It is not required but it is incredibly handy.’
  • Knife – For use in emergencies.
  • Duffel bag or backpack – With so much gear and accessories to cart around it is important to have a quality bag to transport all of it around.


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