Running and Foot Races

We would talk about runners from certain schools and how you had to watch them closely as if you let them get too close towards the end of the race they would run you down and take the tape and the trophy.

Well I was such a runner they use to talk about like that and yes I would run my opponents down and blow by them like they were a paper cup on the track at a NASCAR event. I would literally leave them in the dust like they were standing still. I would become one with the track and tunnel vision was all I felt.

I knew I would win and I never looked back. Of course as you get better you notice there is no one around you to destroy at the end of the race, but you nevertheless turn on the juice and show everyone who owns the track and why.

So when it comes to running and foot races do you have a kick? Do you know what the secret is? Never save anything for the last few seconds of the race, spend every ounce of your fiber and existence prior to the end and then when it is all about human will and strength of character dig deep and find who you really are and what you are really about. Show yourself what you are made of because that my friends is worth more than any awards ceremony, trophy or title. That is about who you are inside.