Run to Slim Up

Yes! It’s true if that’s what you have to do. It’s what you have to do to keep from missing any days of running. Because if to slim-up is your goal then this is just what you want to do. Everyone’s body makeup will vary, but I would say it takes four to five days a week of running to keep the gut off! And you will have to work your way up to between two to three miles a day for each run. This kind of schedule should allow you to eat just about anything you want to eat. It’s the size of your portions you have to watch out for.

There is one thing about running that doesn’t last. If you start missing more than four days in a row you will start to lose your slim-up fitness you have acquired from the act of running. What did I do over the last twenty years if I couldn’t run? You can park your car further away from the store. You can run back and forth to the car. You can get up early and run before you go to work. Your creative self will come shining through!

Sometimes you may have to run at lunch time instead of eating lunch. I do see if you’re one who likes to go to a fitness center. You may not always have time for that. Most of my runs would always start and finish at the front door. You might call this time management! I can see if you do not live in a community where you may not be able to run outside. Some of my most favorable running days were when we lived by a park where there were ten square miles of running trails. We didn’t move so I could keep my running grounds.

You just have to give it some thought. To have little chance of a cold or a flue means a lot. To many most likely to not die from a cardiovascular disease, this means a lot too! If your goal is to slim-up and work you daily runs in if you have little time, this all will mean a lot too! I hope this gives you some slim-up ideas from the guy that runs!