Balance on a Hoverboard

The fact of the matter is that a true “hoverboard” will float above the ground without touching it. What we are talking about here is actually a gyroscopically balanced platform that will only move when “told” to move. Like it or not, over the past year these have come to be known on the internet as hoverboards. Name drama aside, the way you use one is by standing on it just as you would stand on flat ground. With your weight evenly balanced between your heels and toes, the unit will not move, even if someone pushes you. You must tilt your feet slightly toe-down in order to move forward.

This does not take a lot of pressure, and you will find that you actually need to lean forward slightly in order to prevent the hoverboard from moving forward without you. It takes about a minute for your brain to learn the algorithms of how much to lean forward for a given amount of toe pressure, and about 5 minutes to get good at it.

Most people who fall, do so because they try to step on the board before they understand how it works. Since

Tuning Up Your Bowling Technique

Picking up spares is the one thing that even a beginner bowler can learn to dramatically improve their game. It can easily make the difference between a 110 and 180 average!

While strikes are an important thing to learn, for a beginning to intermediate level bowler, I advise this: Clear your spares and the strikes will come. You will beat most of the competition by simply clearing your frames.

Professional bowlers use a “spare ball”. That being a regular, plastic ball they use solely for the purpose of picking up their spares.

Even if you have your own ball, try using one of the regular, plain-colored, plastic “house” balls to pick up your spares. They are drilled to roll perfectly straight, enabling you to better hit your target.

Take the time to learn how to effectively pick up your spares. Start by looking at your body posture and stance. The way you hold yourself makes a difference. When your wrist is straight yet relaxed and your arm flows smoothly and in a straight arc forward (not curving around your body and back) your aim will be more accurate.

The easiest bowling technique to

Triathlon Swim Technique

Practice Bilateral Breathing

Mastering breathing is one of the most important techniques triathletes should adopt. It’s important to know how to breathe on both sides because weather and water conditions are unpredictable, other swimmers may be close by, the direction of the sun can interfere with vision and buoys may not be placed on one side.

Learn What Head Position Works for You

A leading triathlete coach, Swim Smooth’s Paul Newsome, argues that there is no ideal head position for everyone. While many trainers feel that looking down straight down is ideal, this position isn’t that great for open water swimming where a forward-looking head position helps you navigate and draft.

You also need to get used to water-clogged goggles. It’s important to have a good pair of swimming goggles and learn how to position your head for the best view with them on.

Work on Your Catch and Pull Early On

While head position, stroke and kicking get ample attention during traditional swim training, coach Paul Newsome advises that catch and pull are techniques that need to be mastered early on for success in open water swimming. He says it will

Calorie Burn

Long Runs

Long runs also help to boost your post-run metabolic rate – running keeps your metabolism raised for several hours after a workout and so you burn more calories even if you’re resting, though as you become fitter you’ll recover faster and you won’t burn so many calories.

Another calorie burning exercise is to carry out speedwork sessions – if you’re running on a track, alternate fast laps with slow laps which will promote fat burning.

Run first thing in the morning when you haven’t yet replaced the carbohydrates you have burned during the night. Your body will then burn a higher percentage of calories than usual.


If you join a running club, you’ll not only have running partners but also people who can help you stick to your goals. They’ll also support you if you start to feel stressed or depressed which could lead to overeating.

Remember though that if you do want to lose a lot of weight, you should consult your doctor for further advice.

Millie Reed writes regular stories for the running website dorunning. Specialising in running footware, clothing and accessories, dorunning is

Points to a Great Daypack

Compartments & Pockets

You figured out what you want to do with your daypack, now ask yourself how many compartments you need to do it? Only School books? One large compartment for books and a small pocket for miscellaneous might do it. Professional photographer? At least 2-3 heavily padded compartments for cameras, lens, flash, and tripods. Small pockets for keys, passport, currency, and credentials, and a separate area for a water bottle. These are 2 clearly different daypacks. The second daypack might also work for the books, but the single compartment one would make the photographer very frustrated, and likely appear like a bumbling novice.

Type & Number of Straps

Huh? These days daypacks come with 1 (mono) strap, 2 straps (padded or rope type), with/without a sternum strap, and with/without a waist-belt. Espresso machine and surround sound sold separately! It’s tempting to throw up your hands and say “whatever,” but if you do more than walk from the curb to your door, it makes a HUGE difference. Ever hiked down a mountain without a waist-belt, daypack slamming into your back every step? Trail runners will think you’re nuts if you don’t have a sternum

Throwing A Hook Ball in Bowling

Hook Bowling

Straight balls are great if you’re a beginner but they can limit your scores to the 160 – 180 range. When you’re constantly throwing straight balls, you have to focus more on bowling perfectly the first time. The way to truly raise your scores is to change that straight ball of yours into a hook ball.

The Definition Of A Hook Ball

A hook ball unlike a straight ball, curves after delivery. The bowlers hand comes from behind the ball rounding the side that makes the ball rotate sideways. The sideways rotation makes the ball go to the left or the right. There are three types of hook: the cranker, the stroker and the helicopter. Here they are:

  • The Stroker. The bowler’s sliding foot stops just before the bowling ball gets to the bottom of the swing, creating moderate leverage for a controllable ball reaction. The shoulders have to be very square at the release point. I like the stroker because it plays straighter up the outside of the lane which allows the ball to gently hook into the pocket.
  • The Cranker. The cranker is different, using this technique, the ball

Ways of Bowling a Hook

The hook of the ball while you are hook bowling requires you to insert the fingers up to the second knuckle for a nice score. This is because you use the thumb to hold the ball in space while you swing it back. However, you could also use any other type of hooking as long as it supports the long swing and it gives the ball the required momentum while maintaining the body balance. You might fall the first few attempts you try bowling a curve. This is mainly because of lack of enough speed or lack of balance after the releasing the ball. This is the reason why this technique is assumed to be done by pros only. Bowling a hook also requires the shoulders to be kept broad while the elbow joint is kept straight. It is advisable to swing from the left so that the ball can curve from the left and hit the pins from the left side of the rail.

The favored throw that works with the hook bowling is the cranker. This is because it is equally vigorous and it entails late timing and so by the time you get to

Affordable Running Shoes

If you come to think of it, running shoes could be regarded as a very ordinary footwear. However, because famous brands continue to develop running shoes into not only stylish footwear but also relatively functional, people’s demands and requirements for it continues to grow nonetheless.

You are probably aware of the many different brands out there when it comes to running shoes. These brands have been with the shoe industry for so many years now and other than simply paying for the pair of shoes you buy from these famous brands, you are also paying for the brand itself.

The marketing strategy behind famous brands is simple. They other start small and get out big or they start big and leave a big impact on their consumers. Sadly though, not everyone could afford these branded and relatively expensive pairs of rubber shoes. So if you cannot afford it, does that mean you are no longer entitled to having at least a good pair? Of course not.

What you can do is wait for shoe stores to hold their special sale. You would be surprised to see that even the latest styles are discounted whenever there

Lacing Up

First of all, the boot of an ice skate must feel like a glove. It shouldn’t be loose or floppy in anyway. The boot after all, is an extension of your foot and being able to feel the ice is essential. So, to begin, first time skaters tend to wear thick heavy socks and this is okay for rental boots. Rental boots have little to no insulation at all so feet can get very cold in the rental boots. If a skater has ventured to buy their first pair of ice skates from the pro shop at their local rink, then it is better to wear thin socks because new skates do tend to have some insulation.

When putting on the skate, loosen all the laces so that the foot slides in easily. Then, once the foot is snuggly in the boot, tap the heel of the blade on the matt to push the heel back into the back of the boot. Adjust the tongue of the boot to fit squarely on top of the ankle. Then, put the foot with the boot flat on the floor and test the fit of the boot. Does boot pinch

Make Group Bowling Fun

If you’re just bowling with your friends during open bowling time, you can really pick any rules you want. You might have everyone compete against each other for the best overall score, or you might pair up with a friend and have your combined score go up against that of another twosome. Also, if you’re just in it to have a good time, you might not even care to look at the scores.

The only time the rules really matter is if you’re joining a league. If you choose this path, there are endless variations, and your bowling center will make it very clear what rules are in place. The most common format is to have the total score of your team against a team of opponents, and each bowler receives a handicap added to their score based on their average score. This is designed to even the playing field and give everyone a fair chance at winning. A better bowler would get fewer “handicap” pins added to their score, and a beginning bowler would get more pins tacked on.

Recreational bowlers have come up with some other great rules for group bowling. A popular one