Low Ball Bowling

There is a specific style of bowling in particular that I would like to mention for the avid bowlers out there. This type of bowling is called “Low-Ball Bowling.” Some bowling enthusiasts have found that experimenting with other kinds of bowling provide a great alternative to your normal bowling routine – or even change your favorite bowling style.

Low ball bowling is what I like to call “backwards bowling,” using a standard pin set up. The object of the game, as opposed to getting as many points as you can, is to get as few as you can. Kid-of like goofy, crazy bowl for adults – you want the lowest score. If you are playing low ball bowling strikes and spares are scored exactly the same way you would score a strike or spare in a regular game of bowling. At least one pin needs to be knocked down. A perfect score in low ball bowling is a twenty. Meaning that one pin is knocked over on each of the two balls per frame in the score.

A miss, or gutter ball, in low ball bowling games will be recorded as a strike the first time


Sprinting requires power from the lower body and abs. It also feels amazing to run with everything you have, to test your lungs, heart and explosive force.

Benefits of Sprinting

  • Increases metabolism for a longer period after exercise than jogging.
  • Develops great hamstring muscles. I do my sprints in the sand at the beach and have been complimented on my hamstring development.
  • Improves heart and lung recovery time.
  • Improves endurance for long distance running.
  • Sprints intervals within jogging sessions, aid weight loss.

Sprinting is all about speed. The right way to sprint is with your body slightly leaning forward at about 4-6 degrees from the feet, not the hips. Arms should be relaxed, swinging from the shoulders and flexed at a 90 degree angle. Feet should be hitting the ground heel to toe. Don’t run on your toes because it provides no stability and can cause injuries.

While sprinting, your stride should start under the centre of gravity. Basically, don’t let your feet come too far in front of your body. This is called over striding. Similarly running in baby steps is called under striding. Both under and over striding

Better Bowling Guide

The first step to becoming a better bowler is to buy your own equipment. If you get a ball that is custom fit to your hand it will feel lighter and will be a lot easier to control. If you use a different ball every time you bowl, you will never be consistent. For your equipment, you will need a ball, a bag, a towel and shoes.

When you decide to purchase a ball, you need to realize that there are several different types of balls. Balls may have high hook, medium hook, low hook, or no hook. However, be aware that bowling balls do not hook on their own; you make them do it. Some bowlers even carry three balls for different hook types. High hook balls are used if the lane has heavy oil, medium hook balls are used if the lane has medium oil and for dry lanes you use little or no hooking balls. If you only want to purchase one ball, you should get a medium hook ball. For the weight of the ball, just be sure you don’t get one that is too heavy for you to handle.

For your

Tennis Under Pressure

That’s all I want to know and then I find out for myself by observing them in action, to see if they are telling me the truth or not.

Actually, nothing else matters in competition when you think about it.

Because I don’t care how hard you train for a tennis match or how good your shots are in practice.

If you can’t make them under pressure, it doesn’t matter, does it?

We are talking about being able to execute your shots under pressure.

Many coaches never bring up this topic to their players and I can’t understand why.


Here are a few tips for dealing with pressure better on the court.


When juniors are under pressure, they sometimes stop breathing during points.

I have seen this play out on video and the player is always shocked when they see themselves doing it after.

So, next time you are in a match and feeling the pressure, breathe deeply for 25 seconds.

Inhale on a long count, hold it, then release it for a long count also.

After doing this 4 times, your breathing

Bowling Tips For Beginners

In order to hit the targets accurately the markers on the lanes are a good indicator of where the ball is to be tossed. The dots and arrows that are on the lanes are also of benefit to the player and should not be ignored weather. The ideal ball speed is needed in order to have the best toppling effect. If the ball is too slow or too fast then it could end up in the gutter and completely miss the intended target. The right momentum allows the ball to knock over the strategic pins and fell the others that are behind them all in one go. When approaching the lanes the steps to be taken should be well coordinated, as should the ball tossing and body movement. Though for the professional this is almost second nature, for the beginner it may be slightly awkward but with time, it only gets easier.

All these things are to be done once the strike line has been determined. This is what will guide you the player on how to toss the ball effectively. This is done after the right ball for your weight and playing style has been chosen.

Annoying Side Stitch

What is this sharp twinge of pain just below the rib cage usually on the right? It is called a “side stitch” or “exercise related transient abdominal pain” (ETAP); and until recently there was no clear and universally explanation for the cause of this annoying cramp. Although not considered a true sports injury, it has been estimated that 70% of regular runners suffered from a side stitch in the last 12 months, that’s a big pain in the gut!

Some researchers believe that the side stitch is caused by stretching the ligaments that extend from the diaphragm to the internal organs, particularly the liver. The jarring motion of running while breathing in and out tends to stretch these ligaments. Runners tend to exhale every two or four steps, more frequently when trying to get back into shape. The majority of people exhale as the left foot hits the ground, but some people exhale when the right foot hits the ground. It is this group who seem more prone to get side stitches.

There is greater force on the liver (which is on the right side just below the rib cage) when exhaling while the right foot

Power Up Your Bowling

Your Brain Mechanism

Your brain works on goal setting mechanism and you can think of it as a connection machine, it hardwires everything. The solid the concept is hardwired in your brain, the better you master the concept. Same thing as bowling, the better your brain hardwired your bowling skill with your mental strength, the easier you enter Flow Zone of Optimal Performance.

The brain sets goals, this is your right brain creativity function, it then breaks down the steps to achieve the goal, this is your left brain analytical and logical functions. Bowlers universally have the same goals, it is to bowl perfect game and to win as many tournaments as possible. The brain capture the goal then goes about working out how to achieve them.

The best bowler in the world might not necessarily the most physical talented, they do know how to manipulate their brain better though.

Left and Right Brain Dorminant Bowler

Let’s discuss how both right brain dominant or left brain dominant bowlers hinders their performance.

Many bowlers I have seen have right brain dominant, their motor skills for performance are there, they find it easy to

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint triathlon, like those of Iron Man or half-Iron competitions are composed of three disciplined events namely, swimming, biking and running. Sprint, being a smaller scale as compared with other variations may not require you the same endurance other types have but still it requires some great will power. In usual cases, sprint triathlon takes off half the original distance Olympic standards have.

Sprint triathlon only takes 750 meters of swim (considerably short for a triathlon race), a biking distance of 20 km and a run of 5 km. Not much of a suffering right? But it is for the beginners.

Olympic distance, on the other hand, has standard of 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of biking and 10 km run for the last leg.

Iron Man Triathlon, which seem to have the primary aim of testing the limits of the physical body and the mental endurance of a racer requires one to finish 3.8 km of swim, 180 km for the bike lap and a run to hell of 42 km.

Once you embark on a sprint triathlon competition, the first thing you need to do is to condition your body for

About Imbalance and Influence on a Balls Reaction

Placing the gripping holes in relationship to the CG creates static imbalances. Static imbalance or a difference from one side of the ball to the opposite side (positive or negative side weight, finger or thumb weight) can be a gross difference of only an ounce in heavier bowling balls. So, the manipulation of top weight (leaving up to the allowable 3 ounces) or the weight removal of a portion of, all of, or more than the top weight (resulting in bottom weight) in the drilling process, can potentially come into play for some bowlers on some lane conditions. Up to 7 pound plus weight blocks, in heavier balls, still impact ball reaction way more than the ounce to 3 ounces of static imbalance.

Static imbalance influences ball reaction (minimally). The degree of influence is the responsibility of the ball driller.

For example, if you throw hard, (and have a decent rev rate, a typical axis tilt and rotation) and the lane is drier, the maximum top weight in a drilled ball of 3 ounces, might cause the ball to skid a little further but to hook violently. The same ball with more surface, adjusting the roughness

Art of Bowling

Working well with the bowling spare requires that few tips which will go a long way in ensuring that they work to the advantage of the bowler. The first tip is to make sure that there is consistency especially with the first ball. If a bowler leaves, the pins standing this will help when it comes to converting the pin into a spare.

Another great tip that could help any bowler gets many bowling spare is to ensure that they play with simplicity and do not try to be fancy when shooting spares. This means that the bowler has to observe the way the ball responds whenever they make a shot and especially as it approaches the foul line. After establishing this, then the bowler should maintain the same approach for all the balls on the left side and those on the left because each side has its own approach.

A bowler should also work at ensuring that they do not change the whole aspects of bowling at a go. If the bowler has taken the approach of arm swing and approach, then this should be maintained because the bowler already knows the way the ball