One’s Bowling Ball

There are two basic sizes when it comes to looking at bowling balls. Here we have the ten-pin balls and the five-pin bowling ball. A ten-pin bowling ball in terms of weight have not specified weight in terms of how light it can be but at the same time can weigh up to 7kgs. Its circumference reaches approximately 68.5 cm. The ten-pin ball has a set of three holes that are drilled into it to offer support for the bowler when playing. To get the mush needed support, the ring, middle, and the thumb finger get to be put in the three drilled holes. Also we have the five-pin bowling ball which unlike the ten-pin bowling ball it has no drilled holes in it. To play this ball, one has to hold it by the palm when in the process of throwing it. This is made possible by the smallness of this ball.

Looking further at how best to hold the bowling balls that have holes drilled in them, there are several ways that this can be achieved for a good strike. There are mainly three types of grips that can be used when playing a bowling ball. There is the conventional grip in which the bowler’s ring and the middle finger are placed into the ball up to the second joint. This type of grip mainly is seen good for the beginners since it allows for maximum grip when it comes to holding the bowling ball. In the fingertip grip, on the other hand the middle finger and the ring finger holes accept the bowler’s finger up to the first joint. The last type of grip is the semi-finger tip in which the bowler puts his or her finger between the first and second joint. This allows in most cases a clean release of the ball ensuring that the ball rotates as the bowler want it to. Strokers prefer this last type of grip since it generates less hook upon release.

Inside the balls, a core dictates how the ball is to behave. These cores get to be imbalanced to which as a result try to stabilize the ball when it is on motion down the lane. This in the process makes the ball roll over a different part of the surface when it is thrown and it is on motion. The cores here are made from different densities as required by the ball it is to be used for. In these densities, there can be the center heavy known as low rig while others are made with the weight distributed towards the cover of the ball.