Mid Range Bowling Balls

Overall, if you are looking to step up your game, it is a good idea to move onto a mid range bowling ball. To go straight from a basic urethane ball (like the house balls at a bowling alley) to a high performance ball may hurt your game more than it can help it.

A mid range bowling ball, on the other hand, might step your game up just the right amount… and it is going to cost you less money! Mid range bowling balls can be very aggressive without being too aggressive.

A mid range bowling ball is going to give you a much better breakpoint reaction and greater hook. Not until you have mastered a mid range bowling ball should you move up to a high performance ball.

It is possible to find a great range of mid range bowling balls by all of the greatest manufacturers. Something in the $75-125 price range is generally a good bet.

What kind of mid range bowling ball should you get?

  • A polyester ball does not grip the lane – it is not going to give you much hook.
  • A Reactive bowling ball has better traction. Also, if you bowl in different bowling alleys that have different lane conditions, you are going to notice that difference whenever you bowl with a reactive bowling ball.
  • A particle ball is going to have a lot of hook to it. Nonetheless, many people say that they are easier to control than reactive bowling balls.

Good luck on your search for the perfect mid range bowling ball!


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