Marathon Addict

Ever since the first marathon was run in Greece many, many moons ago, man has had a fascination with running the marathon. In honor of the marathon, there are some very famous marathons that everyone in world would love to run. We know of New York, Boston and London. Every year thousands upon thousands of runners and walkers descend on the streets of these great cities to “give it a go”. With much fanfare, emotional, elation, exuberance and cheering they trudge along, drinking, sipping and chewing on energy foods and snacks to propel themselves to the finish line.

At the finish line, promises are made such as “never again”, “I am crazy”, to “what was I thinking”. Hours later, with adrenaline gone, giving way to lactic acid filled legs a runners thoughts turn to “well maybe one more time”. You see, the marathon is like a drug. It pulls you in, you experience a high and a low, and then it has you. After a few weeks, the mind starts saying “I have to have another”. It’s got you.

Back on the roads, along with the others you trudge along. Cold mornings, hot days, you keep running and running never giving up. Not even an injury can stop you. In the gym lifting weights, swimming or cycling, “got to keep the heart rate up”. Cannot let a little injury stop you from your fate. There are medals to be won, and pictures to be taken. On and on you go. With no end in sight you churn up the roads, trails and sometimes even the track for some speed work.

At last it’s that day, the day you have been waiting for since you last had a taste, a taste of the marathon. Gun goes off, and everyone dashes, pushes and shoves, “got to get into my stride”. Along and along we all go, miles after mile we keep pushing. The end is in sight legs feel strong, “maybe a little faster, could break that PR”.

There it is the finish line, glorious finish line, medals, pictures, adoration, and Gatorade. You have done it, completed another marathon, and dare I say welcome to the club, the club of marathon addicts.