Kids Bowling Equipment

You will obviously want to make sure that they have the right ball. Although you may have great aspirations for them achieving a profession level of bowling, you will want to maintain some patience and let them hone in on their skills with a proper kid’s bowling ball. These usually feature weights that range from six to nine pounds. And they are usually made with foam urethane to provide a durable yet perfectly balanced and weighted bowling solution for kids. Adding to the formula for perfect balance are balls that feature a round core with a pancake weight block.

When considering the various options, you will also want to pay special attention to the hook potential of the ball, which usually range from zero to 60, with the lower numbers ranking as lower hook potential. To help you get an accurate idea of what type of hook potential to look for, you should first monitor your child’s performance with a few different rental balls.

Of course, you will also want to make sure your child is having as much fun as possible. You can add to their enjoyment of bowling by considering some of the latest bowling ball designs that feature some really interesting designs. Among children’s favorites are the bowling balls that feature ultraviolet glowing capabilities under low light conditions!

Kids also love the latest sweat towels which feature super fun cartoon characters. Kids can choose from their favorite movie stars and classic heroes for some added fun. You can complement these towels by also getting them kid’s bowling shoes which also feature popular cartoon characters and famous movie characters. These kids shoes also come with several key features that help kids maintain safe footing on slippery bowling alley floors.

And you will also be able to do a lot for their confidence when you provide them with official looking bowling gear. Give them a bowling bag to carry their shoes, ball and accessories and they’ll feel like they can get a strike every time.