Increase Running Speed

  1. Train Your Muscles to Respond to You Wanting to Run Faster: You have to do workouts where you run at 90-95% or your body will never learn how to run fast.
  2. “Dead” Weight Loss: I understand that for certain sports or for certain positions, you want to be a particular weight or size, but you can get rid of some “dead” weight to help you run faster. By dead weight I mean fat and waste material in your colon. You can increase your lean body mass if you have a weight goal in mind, but it doesn’t have to be fat.
  3. Rest: After you’ve had a “speed training” workout, your body needs 48-72 hours rest before performing another speed workout. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have other hard workouts, just not workouts that are made for you to run at above 80% of your max speed for longer than 2 seconds.
  4. Nutrition: If you don’t have the right nutrition you will feel sluggish and you won’t recover properly from workouts either. Make sure you eat enough carbs to support the energy demand for the workout and enough protein to recover and heal your muscles.
  5. Injury Free: You have to take a preventative approach to staying healthy and injury free because it won’t matter how fast you are if you are hurt. Ice after every work out, stay hydrated, and eat enough protein to support your muscles.
  6. Flexibility Will Help Your Speed: It’s been said that flexibility can affect up to 33% of your power. Well, to be fast, you have to become powerful. Thus flexibility will directly or indirectly affect your ability to run fast by up to 33%.
  7. Better Running Form Increases Speed: The better your running form, the faster you will run.


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