How To Hone Your Hook In Bowling

  1. Make sure you are using the right bowling ball. Both the size and weight of the ball must be in perfect proportion to the shape and strength of the bowler. If you are not using the proper ball, you will not hit your target.
  2. It is vital to have a good grip on the bowling ball. You always want to bowl with your dominant hand. If you are right handed, bowl with your right hand. If you’re a leftie, then use your left hand. Some players tuck their “pinky” underneath their bowling ball for additional support and to increase the force when releasing the ball.
  3. When you bowl, you must remain focused and visualize where you want the ball to go. Some bowlers use the arrow markings as a guide when judging the ball’s path.
  4. Your release needs to be perfectly timed. Some bowlers take four steps, with the third being a half step to make sure they are in the correct position for release. To get perfect timing, swing the bowling ball while you are taking your steps, and start to release the ball when your ankle touches the ground and you begin sliding. Release the ball when you stop sliding.
  5. The swinging and release of the ball is the last step. If you want to use the hook, the trick is to make the bowling ball rotate as it rolls down the lane. To make this happen, you have to bend your elbow during your swing and straighten it out as you release.


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