Hiking Clothes

If you are hiking on a regular basis then you should not limit yourself to just one outfit, the weather should play a key influence on what style of clothing you should wear. A great tip for all hikers would be to wear layered clothing, which is essentially layers of clothing, this way you can always change clothes quickly and simply, which in turn allows for maximum comfort. If you want to avoid feeling sticky and moist through perspiration, then wearing polyester micro fiber as your base layer is advised.

Another key component in your decision of hiking clothes should be the length. You do not want to leave any part of the skin showing (apart from you face) as this could lead to burning, scratched, bitten or grazed skin. Therefore, if the day is hot, wear something long which has breathable materials, so you can stay safe but cool.

Water-resistant clothes are also extremely handy to have on you, even if you do not wear them to start. My recommendation would be a waterproof cagoule, which are lightweight, easy to carry and easy to put equip yet they also do an effective job at braving off the rain.

Let us not forget about the footwear! To decide on the best footwear, you need to answer the question, where am I going? If you are off walking across rocky terrain then durable footwear should be your number one concern, however, if you are trailing through the woods then you can opt for something lighter. Make sure your footwear is always comfortable regardless of the surroundings, due to the amount of time you will be hiking for. Socks are also extremely valuable, there are hiking socks, which reduce friction, however, wearing two pairs of socks can be just as equally effective.

As for headgear, it is always a smart idea to wear some hat to fend off sunburn, or to act as protection from the rain. It is also a smart idea to wear high protection UV sunglasses, as the sun can be a pest when trying to navigate through harder terrains.

If you hike in the snow, then your clothing should be much different to this. Polyester clothing is essential as it will not hold perspiration, which in cold conditions can chill up and become dangerous. Your clothing should also be windproof and water resistant. However, layered clothing is essential as you do not know how cold it is going to be, therefore, wearing too many clothes is much better than not enough.


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