Going the Distance With Dedication

Because a marathon lasts all of 26 miles and 285 yards, a runner’s body and mind must be in a complete state of preparedness before even attempting to run in one (let alone win one). They key for marathon runners is definitely endurance. Because of the great length of the course that they have to go to, runners have to learn to pace and keep themselves fit to run for 42 kilometers with a little bit of extra left. Overexertion can usually lead to severe complications, and unfortunately many athletes have fallen to situations that involve fatigue.

When I first started running in marathons, I made it a point not to run the complete 42 kilometers because doing that would have pushed my body beyond its limits. So I started to run in stages. For the first few weeks, I would just run 20 kilometers, in order to build up my strength and my endurance. When my body finally got a little used to the strain and could handle it without any problems, I would steadily increase the number of miles I would run until I reached about 45 kilometers. It wasn’t any cakewalk though. It took about seven months before I could get my body to ideal marathon shape.

Training for marathons has never been easy but with the right dedication, habits, determination and nutrition, you’re bound to make an impression on the running world at your next stint.