Fivepin Bowling

This was invented in Canada at a local alley, where customers complained that the original tenpin game was simply too difficult and strenuous. The owner invented this for them, and they fell in love with the games simplicity. Because the ball is smaller and lighter, and because lofting is allowed, this game is very popular with senior citizens who do not have to strain as much in order to play the game.

The pins in this game are arranged in a V and typically are wrapped with a thick rubberband to make them fly farther when hit. The center pin is worth five points, while the next closest pins are worth three points each, and the outermost pins are worth only two points. The maximum score you can earn on each frame is 15, and strikes and spares are accounted for the same way as in regular bowling. The highest score possible in this game is 450, which is very rare because of the fact that splits are so much more common.

While currently this game is only popular in Canada, there are occasionally small centers that are equipped to play this game. This is probably the most popular variety of it aside from the traditional tenpin game, and there are three major Canadian bowling associations which all have fivepin bowling sectors and tournaments.

Whether or not you decide to try this game is, unfortunately, almost always going to be dictated by the center in which you are playing. Automatic pinsetters are unable to track the games and set the pins in appropriate positions. In addition, the pins in fivepin bowling are cut down, so they often do not reach the lane. The small balls will often be damaged or lost inside the underground ball return. Thus, in order to play, one must find a center equipped for you to do so.