Duckpin Bowling Game

There are some minor differences between a game of regular bowling and a duckpin bowling game, however. The major difference is that when playing in a duckpin bowling game, each bowler is allowed three chances to hit all of the pins instead of just two. If you hit all the pins on the first throw, you get a strike, and if you hit them all down on the second or third throw, the you get a ‘mark’ (essentially the duckpin bowling game equivalent to a spare). Marks and spare’s are tallied similarly.

A regulation ball for the duckpin bowling game can only weigh as much as 3 pounds and 12 ounces, and typically fits right inside the palm of your hand. There are no finger holes to the duckpin bowling game’s ball, so you must throw it in the same way that you would throw a bocce ball. Lofting, or allowing the ball to soar up before landing it is allowed, although many duckpin bowling game centers will not allow you to throw it too high because the balls will damage their lanes.

What is most interesting about the duckpin bowling game is that it is notoriously difficult. As of yet, nobody has ever bowled a perfect game in an officially sanctioned duckpin bowling game event. There are variants of the original duckpin bowling game which make scoring a little easier, including holding a large rubber band around the pins to increase bounce back, but these varieties of games are more difficult to find.

Duckpin bowling is a game that is really meant for all ages. The light ball appeals to many of those who are not able to heft the larger, regulation sized tenpin bowling balls, so the sport is popular with both children and senior citizens.


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