Dangers Associated With Scuba Diving

  • The Bends/Decompression Sickness – Decompression sickness is a serious and sometimes fatal condition. Divers need to pay close attention when ascending because of the body’s absorption of nitrogen. If a diver does not take the adequate time to release the nitrogen, build up an assortment of issues can arise. A diver with decompression sickness can experience a skin rash, aching joints, paralysis and in extreme cases, death.
  • Barotrauma – If someone suffers from barotrauma, he or she has damaged their inner ear because they have not kept themselves equalized. Preventing damage to the inner ear courtesy of underwater pressure is done a few ways. The most common things divers do is pinching their nose shut and blowing. Other options include swallowing or chewing, both options force air into the middle ear.
  • Sea Creatures – Scuba divers need to remember one factor, as beautiful and as interesting as sea creatures and sea life are, they do pose potential threats. Scuba divers need to stay alert and not touch things or get to close to dangerous sea creatures. Sharks, stingrays, and other creatures pose potential risks if not respected.
  • Malfunctioning equipment – Whether you own or rent diving equipment it is essential to give it a thorough check before heading to the water.

Decompression sickness can occur if a depth gauge is broken. If there are issues with a regulator is it possible for the scuba diver to drown. Never rent, or use, scuba gear that appears faulty in any way. Using suspect gear could lead to sickness or death.