Climbing Tips to Improve Skills

The first thing we’ll look at is the mental aspect of this sport. You should already know that rock climbing isn’t exactly the safest sport. There is definitely a real risk of seriously injuring yourself if you make the wrong mistake. There is this fear that might run through your mind as you prepare to climb your route and during your climb as well. This fear can hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. One way to overcome this is to visualize your climb as well as progressively improve so that you will have greater confidence in your climbing abilities. Of course, trusting your spotters and equipment will help as well.

With many rock climbers, it’s all about getting stronger. Specifically, it’s all about getting stronger fingers and forearms. If you think about the routes that you failed to complete, chances are, you failed because of a hold that you couldn’t hold onto or a move you didn’t have enough strength to do. So how do you get stronger for climbing? One thing you can do is to simply climb with the focus of doing hard moves. This might mean skipping your projects and just doing moves that forces you to get stronger. You can also work on doing pull ups as well as use a campus board to train your fingers. Adding weight such as using a weight vest will do wonders as well.

One of the best ways to increase your climbing ability is to focus on your technique. Many beginner climbers focus solely on strength and have very sloppy technique. With the right technique, you can do many moves effortlessly while people who use only strength burn out on. Watch the more advanced climbers climb and notice how they do certain moves that may seem a bit tough for you. Knowing different techniques such as knee drops, flagging, Gastons, heel hooks, etc., will make doing certain moves seem almost effortless. It should be your goal to figure out the easiest, most efficient way to send a route instead of trying to muscle your way through the problem like so many beginners do.


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