Camelback Mountain

There are too many areas where an individual can test his climbing skills. Too many beautiful places which will truly make him appreciate nature and all of its exquisite views. It really takes a lot of determination in order for an individual to reach the summit of whatever he is aiming to climb for.

Arizona is a state having spectacular sites for mountain climbing. It has a wide open space for different types of climbing from big walls up to bouldering spots. The people in Arizona are so friendly that is why you would not have a hard time at all from interacting with them and asking them a few questions or information. Most of Arizona’s animals are docile but this does not mean you should not protect yourself. It is best that you carry a self defense tool like the famous cell phone stun gun which is very easy and light to carry.

One of the most prominent mountains in Arizona is found in Phoenix and it is better known as the Camelback Mountain. Phoenix has been a popular tourist destination because it has the best urban hiking in Arizona. One can find a few parks and preserves that can be hiked all of which has an elevation of approximately 1,400 feet. You will always find a great time when you visit the spectacular place of Arizona.

Camelback Mountain is considered as the highest mountain in the Phoenix Mountains. People hike the mountain up to almost every day because it is such a beauty. The trails are short but are very busy. It has a height of approximately 1,25 miles going to the top. The trails are steep but good thing though that there are handrails to help you pull yourself up. This makes the climbing very challenging. There are also rocks that you can use but just make sure you get a tight grip on to the rocks.

The best time of the day to climb Camelback Mountain is during sunrise. It has a breathtaking view of the sun as it slowly rises and shines. The months of October through April are the best month to take a trek at Camelback Mountain. Climbing during the summer is really very hot.

When planning to climb this mountain, never forget to bring lots of water. You need for rehydration purposes. If you have plans in climbing the mountain during summer, best time of the day to start climbing is about 4am up to 5am. Start climbing the mountain as early as possible to avoid being baked by the heat of the sun as well as the crowd. Always remember to prioritize your safety whenever you climb. A self defense tool like the cheetah stun gun will protect you from possible attacks of animals and humans.

Climbing Camelback Mountain is fun and filled with challenges. You can really be able to contemplate on life when you visit this place.