Bowling Shoes

One of the most important factors that often goes unnoticed is the weight of shoe. Although you won’t be walking any great distances in these shoes (always save them from wear and tear by waiting until you get to the bowling alley before putting them on), securing a lightweight pair of shoes will inevitably grant you a greater degree of comfort, which will allow you to concentrate better on your game. Plus, even if you’re not going to walk long distances in them, you are sure to feel the difference between a heavy pair of shoes and a light pair after a long day of bowling.

And you must also check to see that the shoes you are considering feature breathable material. Going for a perfect score is tough work and you’re sure to perspire a bit in the process. Getting shoes with breathable material will help cut down on excessive sweating, which is not only a tad unhygienic, it can also cause you to slip in your shoes and throw off your bowling technique-make sure your shoes don’t cost you the game!

Your traction abilities also rank very highly among the features you should look for. Shoe designs that include a hardened rubber toe cap and traction sole will go a long way in helping you maintain steady footing every time. You are sure to notice a more confident follow through with these.

As a final note, these specialty shoes are available in models for both men and women, so make sure the shoes you are about to purchase are indeed made for the appropriate gender. Furthermore, you can also find bowling shoes that have been expertly designed to match your particular style of play based on what hand you use. This includes being able to find shoes that have been made for right handers or left handers.


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