Be a Good Bowler

Mostly an aerobic form of exercise, bowling helps in burning of calories and working of muscle groups not usually exercised. Other than promoting weight, loss the game also works ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles in the arm. Moreover, as is the norm with other sporting activities, this one helps psychosocial behavior that is attributed to forming of friend bonds.

Either the balls are rolled on a wooden or synthetic surface into objects called pins or to get close to a target ball, points are earned this way. It might seem easy but just as any other sport, the sport requires some prior warm up before getting on the pitch. This is done to avoid sudden stitches and muscle pulls once inside the pitch.

Since the balls are heavy and vary in size, one bowling tip is that they should be picked up in both hands, and while doing so, one knee should be bent to avoid back injuries owing to uneven weight distribution in the player’s body. They also do have a returning mechanism after they have been released from the player’s hand. It is advisable that nobody has their hands on them when the balls are rolling back to avoid cases of fractures and broken wrists.

Most people tend to think that bowling is an indoor game. Surprisingly enough, the game is at times usually played in a lawn outdoors. In this type, players attempt to put the ball closest to a designated spot. It is worth noting that in this type, the balls are eccentrically heavy and could therefore easily cause injuries if not well observed. A bowling tip to be observed is that care should be taken during outdoor events to minimize accidents such as hitting passersby with the ball.

Talking of pins, there are four main variations, but there are many others in other parts of the world. The ten pin is the heaviest and largest of all pins, found and used in South America. In addition, just as the name suggests, the candlepin is tall and thin and is usually bowled with a hand held ball. The other is a duckpin that is still bowled with a hand held ball only that it is short and squat. Mostly found in Canada, the five pin is between the candle and duckpins in diameter, but spots a rubber girdle.


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