First Aid Kits For Climbing

In the UK climbing instructors have to go on refresher courses every 3 years and one of the key things the last course emphasised was the necessity for climbers to customise their first aid kits to suit the conditions they operate in. I thought I would outline the contents of my first aid kit that I use for rock climbing and mountain skills courses.

Thus my large group first aid kit now contains (unusual items first):

  • Gaffer tape – 5(+) m. Wrapped around the body of my plastic first aid box. This method of storing gaffer tape takes less space, but I have also carried it squashed flat on the original cardboard centre – the trick here is to cut the inside of the cardboard tube so that it collapses more easily. Gaffer tape does not come as standard in first aid kits, but it is amazing stuff that resolves all sorts of problems from making splints, restricting movement to repairing blown tyres and patching torn clothing.
  • Compeed – In many different sizes. Brilliant stuff that is perfect for blisters, but has lots more uses where there are difficult wounds / wounds that need time to heal – it was the only way I could get some nasty abrasions to heal when in the hot, humid, tropical climate of Thailand.
  • Shrink wrap – great for protecting larger wounds from the risk of infection. I store this folded flat into squares and kept in a strong self-sealing plastic bag that doubles as a waste disposal bag.
  • 6 large zip ties – great for holding limbs and splints in place.
  • Survival bothy – A lightweight ripstop nylon shelter and still the best way to keep a group or a casualty sheltered, protected and warm if they are unable to move.
  • Wound dressings – I carry lots of wound dressing. These will be a mix of standard wound dressings and tampons – tampons are especially useful if you are out I the field with groups of teenage girls for an extended period of time i.e. D of E award expeditions.
  • Burn Gels – I only take these if I am on over night trip or expeditions where stoves will be used.
  • Wound Closure Strips – These are great for deep, but superficial cuts.
  • Spare batteries for my head torch.
  • Waterproof paper + pencil – always useful for noting down key points in the heat of the moment or when the party has to split up to get help. This information should include the location of the group, the condition of the group, description of any illnesses or injuries and the number in of people in the party.
  • Melanin sterile pads – awesome for keeping larger wounds protected

Then there are the standard items such as:

  • Triangular bandages x 2
  • Assorted Bandages
  • Protection: Gloves / CPR Breathing shield / valve
  • Shears
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Zinc oxide tape, breathable tape and first aid plasters in a variety of sizes.
  • Gauze pads

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Buying Ice Skating Gear

The Best ice skates

It’s important to decide on the activity you are going to get engaged it before you go for a pair of ice skates. Actually, each gear has its own skate requirements, and you need to know these requirements before buying your first gear.

Figure skates

Let’s first talk about figure skating. This type of skating requires the performers to do spins, jumps and sharp turns or a combination of these while playing. Due to these reasons, figure skates should be flexible and sculpted from quality leather.

Ice hockey skates

Figure skates are designed for grace and speed. But ice hockey ones are designed in a way that they can withstand an intense sport as well. Unlike figure skates, ice hockey boots don’t fit the ankles of the player properly. Rather, they are more slender and flatter. Moreover, these skates are lightweight, but offer a lot more support to the player’s feet, as the blades are round at the back.

Speed skates

For speed skating, you need to make quick movements with your feet. For this reason, speed skates come with thin and long blades. Aside from this, they are designed in a way that they are not connected to the strong heel of the boots, which prevents the blades from going deep into the ice. As a result, the player slows down due to the friction. If you are a beginner, we won’t recommend these skates to you.

The Best-Fitting Ice Skates

If you are just taking a start and you are looking for a gear to learn some basics of the sport, we suggest that you go for figure skates. They will help you learn basic moves without any difficulty.

When trying on a gear, make sure they fit you. Don’t look for a pair that is too loose or tight. If these requirements are not followed, you may end up hurting your feet or ankles. The gear should provide support to your feet while you are playing.

Clothing for ice skating

While ice skating, you have to keep yourself warm and comfortable. For this, make sure you put on thick socks and tights while outside in the cold. Aside from this, your clothing has to be close-fitting, not baggy. The clothing should be durable and should restrict the pain you will suffer during the first few days of the sport.

Fitness Training For Rock Climbers

Climbers need to have a high amount of muscular endurance, with the body being able to deal with the build up of lactic acid that the muscles will produce. There also needs to be a high amount of power as well a tremendous amount of strength, especially in the latissimus dorsi (back), forearms and hands. Having a high amount of stamina is a must as you can be climbing for hours at a time and is especially important as altitudes increase.

When I have worked with climbers, we have concentrated working on the back muscles, shoulders, forearm and hand muscles and the core muscles. I use a variety of exercises to help the above muscles and body functions. They include, but not limited to deadlifts, squat variations, pull up variations, rows, press variations and clean variations.

The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can, regardless of whether you climb or not. It works around 200 muscles in the body, not to mention the back, arms, legs, glutes and gripping muscles. I do this exercise two different ways. I get my climbers to do a heavy deadlift day, working up to 90-95% 1 rep max (RM) for 1-3 reps. I then get them doing dynamic work 3 days later, working on pulling quickly from the ground. I would get them working at about 55-60% 1 RM and doing 8 sets of 1 rep with about 30-45 seconds rest between sets. I would supplement this lift with exercises such as high pulls, cleans from the floor and hang cleans.

I will occasionally supplement heavy deadlifts with heavy front squats. Like deadlifts, squats are extremely tough on the body and work around the 200 muscle mark too. Front squats, especially with an Olympic grip, put a lot of strain on the mid-section and back muscles as the weight forces the body to keep back muscles tight, allowing the chest to stay up.

I do a lot of pull ups with my climbers. We do wide grip, neutral, palms back, towel pull ups, fat grip pull ups all with a full range of motion. I get my climbers to go from a dead hang on every rep. Again, I do very high weight pull ups for few reps, adding weight around the climbers waist (I had one guy pulling an extra 40kg for 5 reps) to no weight at all. On these days, I get them to pull as quickly as they can. For those powerful enough, jump pull ups and muscle ups will be prescribed. I do these for sets of 3-5 reps, really focusing on powering up.

Obviously there is a lot of forearm and grip work done. I vary the exercises from simple static holds to wrist flexion and extension. Some static holds I like to use are plate pinches (placing two 10kg plates together and pinching them together on the smooth sides), dumbbell holds and barbell holds. I might also make it a more conditioning exercise by doing farmers walks and make it even harder by adding my fat gripz to the bar. Hammer curls and reverse curls are also thrown in occasionally for forearm and biceps strength.

In my personal training sessions with my climbers, I get them to do press variations such as single and double arm dumbbell presses, push presses, Arnold presses and bench presses and press ups. This is to help strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles and shoulder muscles. I will also use dips to help with shoulder strength and triceps strength. I do these exercises for higher and lower reps and use a variety of weights.

For the climber, core muscles are very important. A favorite of mine is the Roman Chair Twist, where the climber lies back and then twists from side to side. This will engage the rectus abdominis, tranverse abdominis and internal and external obliques. Other core exercises are variations of the plank hold, ab wheel or barbell role outs, hand walk outs from the toes to nearly flat and back up, hanging knee raises and weighted Janda sit ups. I do these with a slightly higher rep range.

For conditioning, I will do short intense circuits as slightly longer interval training sessions. The circuits could be anything from a tabata circuit (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeat until 4 minutes is done) to one exercise done for 10 reps with a minutes rest and performed again (McPhee burpees are good for this). I will also do high intensity interval training (HIIT) working with high intervals from 30-60 seconds with rest periods of 1-2 minutes. I will get my climbers doing this for around 10 minutes to 20 minutes tops.

Buy a Ping Pong Table

Structure and Material

First of all, you should know that ping pong tables are not difficult to assemble, store or move. Most of these tables come with wheels that can be folded. Of course, they come in different sizes. So, you should shop around to get the right one. Moreover, most of tennis tables are made of aluminum composite. The tops of these tables are water-proof and laminated. So, they are a great choice if you love playing outside instead of inside.

Outdoor or Indoor

You can choose between an indoor or outdoor table. You have to assemble both of them yourself. They weigh between 100 pounds and 350 pounds. Make sure you go with a reputable brand.


Tables designed for beginners are an ideal choice for recreational purposes. You can put them in your garage or basement. Basically, they are designed for fun, not for a serious play. Most of the products come with a playback feature that allows you to flip up one side to serve as a board for your returning shots.


Durability is one of the greatest features of ping pong tables. If you have kids that love to play table tennis, you can buy them an intermediate one. You can fold up most of these tables. If you need to move the table very now and then, you can put the table in your game room or basement.


Advanced ping pong tables are of high standards. These standards meet the standards are established by the International Table Tennis Federation. So, if you want to take part in a tournament, you may want to get an advanced table.

Outdoor Tables

Generally, table tennis is an indoor sport. However, if the weather is good, you can play outside as well. The thin coating of aluminum on a good outdoor table protects them from the elements.

Convertible Top

Tables with convertible tops come with a great playback feature. You can elevate one side of the table to serve as a backboard if you want to do practice sessions. You can find this feature on the majority of beginner products. So, you can get this table if you want to do a lot of practice sessions from time to time.

Custom Made Bowling Ball

It is a great thing for bowler to own their own custom made bowling ball. You are at an advantage from the other players using a regular house bowling ball. The finger holes on a custom made bowling ball are fitted to your fingers and no other. The house balls may be the right weight but are definitely not the right fit for your fingers, since every hand is unique. A custom made bowling ball gives the user a comfortable controllable grip on the ball.

Your custom made bowling ball can be kept in top condition and this is not common of a house ball. It is used by all who play and can be really damaged by this repeated use. The weight of the house balls will vary and you can usually find one that is alright but a custom made bowling ball has a weight that does not change and is chosen specially for your needs. Again, the custom made bowling ball is comfortable in weight and in how it is cared for.

It is a great feeling to make your custom made bowling ball your own personal item. You can choose from special materials the ball is made from and also creative colors and designs. The materials for a custom made bowling ball can be made of plastic and urethane. When it comes to designs and colors on a custom made bowling ball, you can choose anything from a clear ball with something in the middle to cartoon characters or family photos. Lucky objects are the more common designs and embed in the custom made bowling ball for obvious reasons.

If you have trouble with your game like having a hook shot, the middle of the custom made bowling ball can be made to compensate for it. There are many problems these types of balls can correct. It is a personal choice and on you will be glad to have made with your taste in mind.

Custom made bowling balls are usually purchased through your local pro shop. These pro shops can be located in a bowling alley in your area. You can also go online to purchase the ball but the custom finger fit will not be as accurate on your custom made bowling ball. In addition, the price may be higher because of the shipping charges. Remember, the weight of the custom made bowling ball can vary from five pounds up to thirty pounds each. This may be a costly venture already, it is better to get your custom made bowling ball created locally so it truly made perfect for you.

Breathe While You Run

It is easy and natural to get out of breath when you run. Oxygen is the fuel for your body to perform exercise. When you exercise, your muscles need oxygen and your body sends more oxygenated blood to the muscles, making the lungs work harder to suck in more oxygen from the air. Hence, you can quickly get out of breath as your lungs are working harder while your muscles demand more oxygen. Be sure to run at a good pace where you can breathe more easily. Pace yourself so that you can easily talk with fellow runners. If you find that you cannot maintain a conversation while you run, slow down to a pace where you can.

Breathing well is important when you run because you enable a good, smooth flow of oxygen to your muscles, thus increasing your stamina and ability to cover long distances. You will also feel more comfortable and enjoy running more, which in turn, will enable you to maintain your workout more easily.

How do you breathe well? Breathing properly is very easy. You can have any kind of breathing pattern that works for you. Breathing from your mouth is better than out of your nose because you take in more oxygen, while letting out carbon dioxide. Breathing through your mouth also relaxes your facial muscles unlike breathing out of your nose, which will cause your facial muscles and jaw to tighten up. You can let your jaw fall open slightly as your lips part, taking in and expelling out fresh air.

Breathe short and shallow. You can take in several deep inhalations when you are running up a hill or feeling out of breath but keep your breathing pattern swift so that you can keep going. Avoid forcing yourself to breathe longer or harder. You should be comfortable in your breathing pattern. Your rhythm of breathing is also important. Keep inhaling and exhaling at a rate that is consistent for you, regardless of what speed you run at. Pay attention and find out what your own unique natural breathing pattern it is. Listen to your breathing. If you find that you are breathing too hard, you are running too fast for your current health condition. Slow down and adjust your running to your comfort level. You can practice by slowing down your breathing as you run at a slower pace. Gradually pick up the speed and employ faster strides to challenge yourself, while monitoring your breath.

You can check what your natural breathing pattern is by counting the number of steps you can run in a breath. For some runners, it is two steps and for others it is three steps. Keep your breathing regular whatever your pattern is and pay attention to steps or other intervals to help you monitor your breathing rate.

Breathe out of your belly as much as you can instead of your chest. If you are not sure how that feels, try lying down on your back and paying attention to your stomach. You will see it rise and fall while your chest stays stable. Try to maintain this while you run. By paying attention through breathing via your belly, you can over time develop a toned and flatter abdominal midsection because your muscles will be doing an isometric contraction.

By breathing well, you can develop good endurance, decrease stress, and promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Paying attention to your breath will encourage you to be more fit while having greater energy when you run.

Wrist Support in Bowling

The first question is: do you even need a wrist support? You are going to notice that many of the top bowlers do, indeed wear wrist supports. For them, wearing a wrist support oftentimes only gives them a tiny advantage, but that tiny advantage can mean a lot during a tournament.

Some reasons why you might want to use wrist support are: you have had a wrist or hand injury in the past; you want to get a feel for the proper positioning of your wrist so that you can bowl better without the glove; your wrist flexes too far and too much for a good and proper release; your wrist is too small and/or too weak. Your wrist and its movement are key when it comes to bowling!

Wrist supports, like bowling balls, can be divided into three main categories: beginner wrist supports, mid-range wrist supports, and high performance or advanced wrist supports. The closer to advanced your wrist support is, the more it is going to cost you!

So, let’s take a look at beginner wrist supports, first. These are the least expensive, and they can still be quite effective. Before you decide to spend a ton of money on an advanced wrist support, you should most definitely take a look at some of the beginner ones

A beginner wrist support offers support by holding a piece of metal on the back of the support, and sometimes on the front, as well. It does not have any moving parts. If you are not going to be bowling a ton, this might be the perfect support for you – of course, if you know that you are going to bowl a lot, you should step it up and get a mid range wrist support. The beginner support can weaken over time – the metal can often get bent, ruining the whole purpose of wearing the glove.

Mid-range wrist supports are a bit better, and therefore generally a bit more expensive – they cover the whole area from the wrist to the fingers (and/or sometimes the first joint of the fingers) and can keep your fingers from flexing when you are about to release the ball. The metal used in mid-range wrist supports is more durable than the previously mentioned metal used in beginner wrist supports.

Advanced wrist supports are the most expensive and can cover the entire finger. These gloves are the most adjustable – you can adjust how much your hand is cupping or how straight it is. There can be big differences between different advanced wrist supports.

If you have read this article and have found it informative, then most likely you are going to want to wait before you try out an advanced wrist support. Before you try one of the advanced ones, you want to make sure that you can feel the differences between each glove and thoroughly understand which one will help you the most.

It is likely best for you to buy a beginner or a mid-range wrist support. Buy the latter of the two if you know that you will be bowling a lot – it may be a bit more expensive, but it will simply last longer.
And realize that even more important than the price of the wrist support is how well it fits. Be sure to buy a wrist support that fits your hand perfectly, otherwise it could do more harm than good. Some wrist supports are easily adjustable so that you can fit it to your hand, specifically. Many wrist supports come in multiple sizes, too.

Clear Bowling Balls

The clear bowling balls look magnificent and unique, as their outer cover is made up of transparent plastic, and can be fabricated using different means. One way is to paint its inner sides so as to look like a specific object. Most commonly used ones are skulls, professional logos, can be made to look like other sports balls like the basketball or the tennis ball, or may even contain funny designs or superheroes if they are meant for the kids or beginners. These inner painted balls have no cores, so they are not suitable for spinning the ball.

Cores play an important role in any ten pins game. The balls are made so that it has a core, which is either deformed on a side, or not in the centre making its centre of mass destabilized. This creates an imbalance, thus making the cores make each ball roll and move, as they tend to turn in that directions trying to stabilize its core, making it spin. As normal clear bowling balls have no core, a different version of them actually keeps the object inside, this behaves like the core. And the different shaped object used inside allows each ball to behave differently.

If you are a professional bowler, you should choose the balls with a core rather than the ones that are inner painted, which are mainly used to let others see how interesting it looks. Those balls use different shapes on cores, which can be cylindrical or cubical, and needs to be personalized with a particular design, as all designs don’t look equally good on a specific core shape. So choosing the core and designs are most important.

Be a Good Bowler

Mostly an aerobic form of exercise, bowling helps in burning of calories and working of muscle groups not usually exercised. Other than promoting weight, loss the game also works ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles in the arm. Moreover, as is the norm with other sporting activities, this one helps psychosocial behavior that is attributed to forming of friend bonds.

Either the balls are rolled on a wooden or synthetic surface into objects called pins or to get close to a target ball, points are earned this way. It might seem easy but just as any other sport, the sport requires some prior warm up before getting on the pitch. This is done to avoid sudden stitches and muscle pulls once inside the pitch.

Since the balls are heavy and vary in size, one bowling tip is that they should be picked up in both hands, and while doing so, one knee should be bent to avoid back injuries owing to uneven weight distribution in the player’s body. They also do have a returning mechanism after they have been released from the player’s hand. It is advisable that nobody has their hands on them when the balls are rolling back to avoid cases of fractures and broken wrists.

Most people tend to think that bowling is an indoor game. Surprisingly enough, the game is at times usually played in a lawn outdoors. In this type, players attempt to put the ball closest to a designated spot. It is worth noting that in this type, the balls are eccentrically heavy and could therefore easily cause injuries if not well observed. A bowling tip to be observed is that care should be taken during outdoor events to minimize accidents such as hitting passersby with the ball.

Talking of pins, there are four main variations, but there are many others in other parts of the world. The ten pin is the heaviest and largest of all pins, found and used in South America. In addition, just as the name suggests, the candlepin is tall and thin and is usually bowled with a hand held ball. The other is a duckpin that is still bowled with a hand held ball only that it is short and squat. Mostly found in Canada, the five pin is between the candle and duckpins in diameter, but spots a rubber girdle.